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Chaos Drive – new game from Appilbot

Hey everyone,

Appilbot has released their new game; CHAOS DRIVE!!!!

Chaos drive is a superb tcg with great rpg elements including skill trees, guild battles, mulitplayer raid bosses, and really generous powerup dropping. The artwork is all from Appilbot and includes some of the gorgeous cards we saw in Galaxy Saga as well as a whole bunch of new stuff. The story line is really cool too, sort of contemporary sci-fi, reminds me of the Atlus games. I’ve been playing for a week since the release and am doing really well without paying any extra money. I’m still working through my stack of energy refills that seem to drop faster than you can use them. Of course it’s got all the other great stuff you’d expect like enhancing cards and evolving “limit breaking” cards too. Limit break a card to the max and it gets different artwork.

Be sure to use my invite code: 892559882 and get a free super rare! And add me in game and I’ll help you win fights against raid bosses! IGN: Kaz.

Free to play of course, So check it out here:


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